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I loved finding out my colours and the make-up was fun too!
…for the first time in years I am excited about fashion again.
This is a worthwhile investment and I would definitely recommend it as gift or as a necessity for yourself.


Colour Sense Reviews

What parts of the colour playshop did you find most useful?

annonce rencontre dreux Julie-Anne – I loved finding out my colours and realising there’s so many. The make-up was fun too!

rencontre sans lendemain la roche sur yon Melissa – Being draped in the colour swatches and seeing what a difference the right colours make to your face and eyes!

What are some of the new things you learned about colour today? Julie-Anne – How it can be used for understated or a dramatic effect, depending on what you’re wanting!

speed date dating site Gwenda – That you dress with as much contrast as you naturally have between your skin, hair and eye colour.

more information Melissa – I learned what neutrals suited me best and how they are far more flattering on me than black!

How will having your colours analysed affect the way you wear or buy clothes and accessories in the future? Gwenda – I think I will be willing to try colours that I have never tried before.

site de rencontre lesbienne senegalaise Melissa – It will be very useful to help me buy colours that help me look “alive”, as well as to combine colours effectively.

cafesalud citas en linea armenia Julie-Anne – It will give me more confidence in buying both clothes and accessories, and of course you know you’re going to look your best!

Would you recommend this playshop to others? And if so why?

fairbanks hookup Gwenda – Yes, because it can help you get more value out of what you buy because it will look good.

click to read more Melissa – Yes, it is an enjoyable day made better with some friends to realize our individual colourings.

Julie-Anne – Absolutely! Makes you feel positive and confident.

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Diamond Special with Christine

Thanks for the wonderful colours advice.  I went shopping on Tuesday and bought three lovely tops at Katie’s in my colours of the sales rack, it was great. Also thank you for our shopping trip on Tuesday, I had a lovely time and really am enjoying some of the new pieces I’ve acquired.  It’s a relief to have a dress for my brothers wedding.

Colour Sense with Miriam

Thanks for a fun morning!  After ‘draping’ the colours and working through the process of analyzing my colours, based on skin tone, eye colour etc, I began to see how much difference choosing the right colours can make.I had always been a ‘blue’ person, naturally gravitating to that shade…

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but Jo was able to demonstrate many other colours that will compliment my natural tones and how to mix/select contrasting shades to suit me as an individual. I was pleased to know that I was ‘on the right track’ with many of the clothes in my wardrobe, and now I know why I’m not wearing those items that just don’t compliment me! I can’t wait to get shopping and take out my little colour swatches so I’ll be confident I’m not purchasing something I’ll regret later. Thanks Jo, you have really changed the way I’ll be shopping from now on and given me the confidence to try some of those new colours!
Personal colour analysis - cool sublime

Ruby Special with Jean

I can recommend doing a Colour and mini style Consult with Joanne. She makes it an enjoyable experience with her warm and friendly personality. The colour swatch will be very useful in keeping me on track in going shopping. Already I have taken big steps in giving away things that don’t suit me.

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Joanne’s styling and shape section was very helpful and will set me on the right path to selecting and understanding what suits my shape. Because of this I know I will feel good about myself and have confidence. Also I will be spending my money more wisely.

It is with delight I recommend the Colour Sense Consultation with Jo; for the first time in years I am excited about fashion again. I love fashion but had been nervous to use colours I was unsure of. Jo has given me back the confidence to show how colours best work together and how they complement my image.

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I now have the tools to know how to build my wardrobe and feel confident when wearing new styles and colours. I was apprehensive about spending the money at first but I now see it was true value for money and can see the benefits now and into the future. This is a worthwhile investment and I would definitely recommend it as gift for a special friend, or as necessity for yourself.


Colour Client

I really liked going shopping with you because it took all the agony out of choosing clothes to suit me. It’s made me think twice about colours I can put together, and how I can get away from choosing only jeans for casual wear.

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Katie’s had another online sale a few weeks ago and I bought four tops, all very colourful. I now feel like I have moved on from 2006 where I chose very plain pieces of clothing to a brighter, more colourful look. I would recommend a personal shopper/stylist to anyone and would like to do a one on one personal colour analysis later in the year with you, so I know if I’m on the right track.

Colour & Shopping client

To begin with I felt a bit nervous. I didn’t like the idea of sitting in front of the mirror. How that changed as I saw the difference wearing the right colours could make! After having my colours and make-up done I feel a lot more confident and plan to have Jo edit my wardrobe and shop with me.


Colour client

I am someone who loves feminine, pretty clothing – in the past I have been reluctant to wear clothes like this thinking that perhaps I am too old for this fashion, however after my consultation with Joanne I have discovered how I can fuse together my love for pretty, feminine clothing with age/career appropriate fashion. 

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I am wearing clothes that I know fit me well, I am a lot more confident. It is great having a number of outfits that I know will work every time whether I’m having a ‘fat day’ or not.

Style & Shopping Client

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