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It all comes down to the body shape you have inherited and a matter of proportion!

this article You can create a slimmer waistline by:

  1. Make sure you have a you can try here great fitting bra, so that your bust sits in the right place and you create enough length between your bust point and waist. I recommend a professional bra fittingto achieve this. Tighten your bra straps every 3-4 washers as well to avoid sagging!
  2. Invest in a hookup bar in london foundation garment that nips in your waist. There are lots of these on the market, so its a matter of finding the one that is right for you. I recommend the range  from like this tank top pictured here. They have a control panel on the waist area pulling you in,eliminating the muffin top,yet it doesn’t squash your bust like some other undergarments can and it is comfortable to wear.
    Create a slimmer waist with clever clothing choices
    look slimmer with a column of colour down the middle
    Create a “column of colour”
    either on the outside or the inside of your silhouette as seen in these examples below.
  4. Use site de rencontre gratuit badoo suisse vertical panel lines to lengthen the body as in picture A and B. The horizontal line at the waist on the top of hop over to here picture A creates  the illusion of a small waist as it only goes across a short distance. free online dating sites without credit card View B draws the eye downward because of the contrasting colours and the vertical paneling. my sources View C demonstrates how the diagonal lines create a waist, this is great if you need to add curves to you frame paticularly for an free dating application for iphone “I” body shape.
  5. black/white waist slimmers
    Check This Out
    ruched tops & fitted jackets
    Rushing and draping
     in tops in a firm stretch fabric are great for hiding a stomach & creating a waist. (note how the navy top creates a  lovely vertical line with its draped centre fall.
  6. Wearing a   single breasted tailored jacket in a medium firm fabric with vertical panel/design lines, creates a great waistline, cinching you in with its firmness and can also break up the top or dress underneath slimming you down.
  7. Fabrics that skim over the waist/tummy area that don’t cling, in a dark low sheen fabric are slimming too.
  8. Using texture to define your waistline
    If you have a longer torso (ie between your bust point to top of leg) compared to the rest of your body then wearing a fitted longer top down to you hip with a shorter cardigan/jacket to the waist breaks up the length giving you a definite waistline.
  9. Create a waist with a skimming top that has narrow horizontal stripes or with textural differences in a garment such as the image shown. Note the difference in the two stripes- the top stripe widens whereas the narrow stripe lengthens.
  10. What about Belts?If you have a defined waist like an I, A or 8 figure then your waist can be emphasised in a number of ways.

a)Choose a decorative buckle

b)Wear tucked in tops

c)Belted trench or coat dress

d)Choose decorative waistbands in eye-catching fabrics or with embellishment

f)Try a scarf as a belt

Ladies with an “X” body shape are best to wear belts that are concave and sit on the hipline rather then the waist. “O” and “H” body shapes are best to avoid any waist detail, but a self coloured concave belt can be worn.

Do you want to know more about what suits your body shape and discover your personal Style?, then why not book a one-on one Style consultation grab some girlfriends for fun small group playshop or combine in a special package! 

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