Everything you need to know about wearing prints!

rencontres amicales poitiers Have you ever wanted to update your wardrobe and gone and brought a bold print for it to only sit in your wardrobe only after one wear? Why is that? There are many facets too wearing prints that must be considered when choosing one that suits you. Let’s take a look.


get redirected here A very important factor to consider is the colours of your print, is it complementary to your skin-tone? Does it draw attention to your face or do we see the colour before we see you?

Scale of Pattern

sofia vergara dating history This is to do with your general size and height. A petite person in stature and size would be overwhelmed in a large scale print whereas a small scale print will flatter. A medium scale print will suit a curvy or petite lady and is suitable for a medium size woman. A large scale print will be balanced on a tall or curvy woman. A general guide is to check that a print does not exceed the size of your out-stretched hand.

Horizontal stripes

marriage not dating ep 3 eng sub You can see how different these three stripes appear. The first small scale stripe is a very narrow one, but see how the eye is drawn up not across, so for most it will be flattering, the second is a medium scale stripe which still draws the eye upward and because the spacing between stripes is even, it also flatters. The last one is a large scale stripe which widens and shortens the wearer in her top half because our eye is drawn http://www.buyambienmed.com across ways instead of vertically.

The wider the horizontal stripe the shorter you will look. Click To Tweet
Dimensions of a Print

sebastian single balingen Prints can come in a widely spaced designs with a large amount of negative space and a repeating pattern or with a low negative space, non-repeating pattern. The smaller, more subtle, more muted a print is the more sophisticated, chic and durable it will be.

Value Contrast

polish dating in northern ireland Value is to do with the light or darkness of a colour, for example when black (being the darkest colour) is put together with white (the lightest colour) they both stand out from each other, this becomes a high contrast pattern. On the other hand a low contrast pattern is where the colours are much closer together in value (lightness or darkness) and therefore are more blending with each other. High contrast patterns add volume and make the wearer appear larger whereas low contrast patterns appear smaller and more slimming.

Avoid patterns with lots of negative space if you don't want to appear larger! Click To Tweet
gps dating app australia Print Personality 

Yes prints and patterns do have a personality! They can be dramatic, bright, exotic or they can be feminine, subtle, classic or conservative. Pick a print that suits the style of your garment and expresses your own personality.

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