Giving the cold shoulder in style!

best site With the 70’s influencing our fashion, a style that is popular in our stores right now for Spring, is the off-the-shoulder top or dress. You are certainly giving the cold shoulder by wearing this style whether it’s in a pretty lace or casual denim. While you may love this feminine style as I do, it may not love you!

Who can wear it?

Who should avoid an off-the-shoulder style?

  • Anyone with a generous bust, (unless you are wanting to enhance it).
  • those of you with broad or square shoulders.
  • the rencontre homme juif V body shape – it will make your shoulders look even broader and your top half will look unbalanced with your bottom half.
  • If you are short-waisted between your bustline and waistline. you will appear even shorter between these two points.

…but I love it!

citation rencontre amitié If you absolutely have to have one but you are top heavy, then choose a longer style that has no defined waistline. Or choose one with sheer sleeves such as lace or a chiffon. Or a style that is has a Vee neckline like the one shown in black.

How do I accessorise the Off-the-shoulder style?

this dress is perfect to pare with your favourite statement earrings or a choker necklace. Click To Tweet

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