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The goal I seek is to have people refine their style through my clothing without having them become victims of fashion.  Georgie Armani

Do you dread the thought of going shopping for new clothes?

Do you settle for the latest trend only to find that it isn’t really you?

Or maybe you’re looking for a special outfit for an upcoming event?

rencontre 10 Nearly half the population hates the thought of shopping, so if that’s you, you’re not alone!

address Do you want to make shopping an enjoyable experience?-Well then have you thought about having your own personal shopper, guiding you with an expert eye?  Whatever the reason may be, here at Image Sense  we can help you put together a whole“new look”, or start you on your way to a new wardrobe full of clothes and accessories to match, that you’ll just love to wear! Not only will you have fun shopping but you’ll learn what works best for you, whether it is for some needed everyday clothes or something more glamorous or for that Special Occasion. We’re here to cater for your needs.

What you can expect from shopping with Joanne:

  • A Pre-shop consultation finding out about you and what your needs, style and budget is for our trip
  • Time spent in research online and in-store to find your best selection of clothes prior to shopping
  • Everyday needs or Special Occasion shopping, including accessories.
  • Only visiting stores that cater to your needs determined in the pre-shop questionnaire
  • Investment buying made fun, no more expensive mistakes.
  • Finding clothes that not only suit your personality and body shape but also fit you well.
  • Show you items that will co-coordinate with your existing wardrobe.
  • You will receive lots of tips while we shop and learn where to go for clothing that suits your lifestyle.
  • Meet at an agreed time and shopping place suitable to us both.
“Don’t waste anymore precious time or money walking around shops aimlessly!’
I really liked going shopping with you because it took all the agony out of choosing clothes to suit me. It’s made me think twice about colours I can put together, and how I can get away from choosing only jeans for casual wear. I now feel I can be more adventurous in my choices and would recommend a personal shopper/stylist to anyone!

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Katie’s had another online sale a few weeks ago and I bought four tops, all very colourful, and one similar to the khaki green shirt I wore on the fashion night but with slightly different buttons. I now feel like I have moved on from 2006 where I chose very plain pieces of clothing to a brighter, more colourful look. I would recommend a personal shopper/stylist to anyone, and would like to do a one on one personal colour analysis later in the year with you, so I know if I’m on the right track

flirten wassermann mann Colour & Shopping client

singles karlsruhe finden I would thoroughly recommend Joanne’s services to anyone considering doing so. Her attention to detail was excellent and Joanne had plenty of great ideas for improvement. Be prepared for your existing wardrobe to get thoroughly dismantled – in the right way!One of my concerns beforehand was how much ‘shopping’ I was actually going to get done to enable me to make a sufficient amount of change. Safe to say that during a three hour shopping trip, I picked up many items which has made a big difference to my own wardrobe. Key to this was the preparation Joanne did beforehand to ensure the trip itself was very productive. Joanne kept smiling throughout a very busy three hours even though it was a pretty frenetic afternoon. So if you are thinking about it, do it!


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Thanks for the wonderful colours advice.  I went shopping on Tuesday and bought three lovely tops at Katie’s in my colours of the sales rack, it was great. Also thank you for our shopping trip on Tuesday, I had a lovely time and really am enjoying some of the new pieces I’ve acquired.  It’s a relief to have a dress for my brothers wedding. Christine

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