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site de rencontre pour plus de 50 ans great site Are you confused with what styles suits you?

san diego elite matchmaker and dating single männer mit langen haaren Are you stuck in a style rut and need a fashion make-over? Do you buy the latest trend only to find that it sits in your wardrobe? Or do you go shopping only to come back home empty handed or worse with a piece of clothing that you wished you hadn’t bought?

We can help you in discovering what your unique Style is with your one-on-one personal consultation.

Maybe your dress style is Classic, Dramatic, or Creative, or Relaxed, Feminine or Elegant or even a touch Rebellious, but most likely a combination of these looks.

When you know what your personal style is and what to look for it makes shopping so much easier and quicker!

rencontre avec des hommes remarquables youtube During your Personal Image and Style Analysis you will:

  • Discover your most flattering styles for your body shape
  • Define what designs and accessories suits you
  • Balance your body proportions
  • learn how to conceal your flaws and reveal your assets
  • Know how to express your personality in what you wear, whether it’s for everyday or special events.
  • Learn about your style details such as fabrics and prints, face shape, flattering hairstyles,necklines and eyewear
  • Find out about Scale and proportion
  • Receive advice on fit and alterations, grooming as well as dress codes, so you know what to wear and when with confidence.
  • Have helpful wardrobe planning tips
  • Receive a comprehensive style file tailored made to you personally for future style choices.

Not only will you save time shopping, but you will only invest in clothing that is styled to suit you. You will come home feeling satisfied that you will have more than one new outfit that will be a favourite.

Client Reviews

What changes have you made to the way you dress now and what new style did you try?

I have definitely become more daring with my clothing choices now that I know that a certain colour or fit will suit my figure, whereas in the past I would have avoided certain things because I thought they wouldn’t suit me. I have also become aware that even if some clothing is the latest fashion – It won’t necessarily suit me! For example, I have always worn hipster jeans – although these are “low waisted” – they are not necessarily the most flattering style for my figure. With the help of Joanne, I have discovered that high “waisted” jeans are a lot more flattering for my figure – and they can also be worn fashionably!

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What are some of the things you learned about your personal style?

Filling out the questionnaires and going through the style process really made me aware of what I do and don’t like in terms of style and fashion. I probably haven’t paid much attention to why I like one thing or another, usually I am just ‘drawn’ to particular items in a shop.
With the help of Joanne I now know why I like certain styles and colours and can save a lot of time shopping! Now I know which colours and styles of clothing to avoid according to my body shape and complexion. This information is invaluable! 

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