The Ultimate Guide to choosing your Swimwear
Swimwear style secrets revealed and soloutions for problem areas

I want to share  you an excerpt from my ebook “Swimwear Style Secrets” which has just been published by bookcountry in PDF,EPUB or MOBI format (see below for others)
“Summer time, summer-time, sum . . . sum . . . summer-time . . . ooh ah, ooh ah” . . . . you may remember that song, does it bring back happy memories? Or is it “Ooooh ah, oh no I have to get back into my swimsuit (bathers) this summer”? I know I was never keen on getting into one as a child yet I love to swim, but it can still be a challenge today.

Shopping for a swimsuit is right up there with finding the “right” pair of jeans! Stressful and demoralizing, as we struggle to find the one that makes us look like the model Jennifer Hawkins or actress Halle berry out of the James bond movie,” die another day”, when we’re the only ones to” die another day”!

Alas, unless we have managed to work that body into shape over the previous months, we have to face facts and accept our figure for what it is and do the best we can to disguise any variances we want to hide and highlight our assets instead! No matter what shape you are there are swimwear styles that are the right colour, construction and cut for you.

This is what this guide is all about to help you find the perfect swimwear so you can step out in confidence.

Swimwear Style Secrets has been designed for the woman who wants to look great and feel great in their swimwear. No matter what shape or size you are, you too can look stylish while enjoying the lazy days of summer.

Your journey begins by looking at what your specific body shape is and then dives into “Style Secrets” to dress that shape.
Hot topics such as:

  • enhancing your bust
  • distracting from your generous thighs
  • what to wear if you are petite or tall
  • mastectomy swimwear
  • how to use colour and print to your best advantage
  • cover-ups and accessories

Plus lots more body specific topics covered.

Take a sneak preview at Prints, patterns or Plains?

Patterns can be used to draw the eye in differing directions, which you can use to your advantage. To camouflage any lumps and bumps, curved designs are much more flattering and more feminine than straight lines that appear to be more masculine.

Colour Contrast:

A higher colour contrast (for example white with black) will always stand out more and can make the wearer appear larger. A subtler colour contrast will give a more slimming appearance. The more subtle or muted a print is the more sophisticated it seems.

Swimwear Style Secrets takes a comprehensive look at style solutions and is a must for every woman who has struggled to find swimwear and desires to make shopping for it easy and enjoyable!

Filled with many illustrations to help explain the points further, you will not only receive great styling tips but will be able so see first hand the difference they can make to your next swimsuit purchase.

BUY NOW in kindle at Amazon or PDF at Scribd

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