We all love to go to a wedding but often there is so many different kinds of dress codes that what we should be wearing which can become quite confusing!  One type of wedding which is popular here in Australia is of course getting married on the beach or at least with a beach view and to be fair we have some of the most spectacular scenery in the world as a backdrop.

First of all it is definitely a more casual affair then say a traditional type wedding in a church, but that doesn’t mean that you can rock on up in you normal beach attire wearing your rubber flip-flops (thongs). I think the maxi dress is perfect for a beach wedding, not only for its practicalities of being cool to wear on a hot summers day but also because it fits the dress code perfectly.

You can get these gorgeous dresses below from rencontre its The Iconic and  http://hpgnetwork.com/remombo/5732 Charlie Brown with accessories also from frauen an der uni kennenlernen The Iconic and http://crisp-india.org/merider/3236 Collette hayman

 Accessorise cool colours with silver, black, iridescent white or rose gold metals.

Accessorise the warm tropical colours with gold, rose gold,or antique gold metals

“Must-haves” for the day!

  • A flat soled shoe such as a strappy platform or sandal or a gem thong that will stop you sinking in the sand.
  • A pair of sunglasses that work in with your colours, don’t spoil your outfit with something that will cheapen all your effort to look spectacular.
  • 30+ sun protection lotion and chap stick, no-one looks good in red skin.
  • A stylish sunhat
  • An umbrella be it for sun or rain!
  • A clutch with or without a shoulder strap
  • A refreshing facial spray to keep your cool
  • And of course your smile, the best accessory of all!

Do you have a wedding to attend this season, if so why not share your outfit on my facebook page?

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