Why I never wear black!

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rencontre celibataire quarantaine Even from a young age I never liked black, mainly because I thought it was too boring and I love colour, colour, colour! It was just as well because even though it’s an extremely popular choice, I just don’t suit it! In fact black makes my skin-tone look dull and grey, and unhealthy! Black is a great neutral but it is also a dark, clear, cool neutral and if your own colouring (skin tone, hair colour and eye colour), isn’t the same it’s not going to be flattering, particularly when worn up near your face! Black works best with other clear, cool colours and as far as the free dating sites for seniors over 60 Absolute Colour System I use to determine ones best colours, it only fits into a few of the colour ranges that have these types of colours such as Dramatic, Dynamic, Elegant, or Mysterious.

online dating safety second date My own colour range above is called “Sublime” which is made up of light, cool, soft colours, which is completely opposite to the properties of black.  You can see overall my range is much softer and lighter then the other ranges that work with black. If I choose to use black as a neutral with my colours, it simply doesn’t work . Yes, it is a myth that black goes with every thing! It doesn’t work because the intensity or tone is not the same and it stands out from all my other colours, overpowering them, therefore looking harsh.

site de rencontres tropicales So, if I don’t wear black what other dark neutrals do I wear? My best dark neutrals are charcoal,gunmetal, steeple grey, brown or a gunmetal blue. These tones are much softer then black and sit much better with my colour palette. You may have even noticed yourself that you use to be able to wear black when you were younger but now find it much too hard against your skin. The reason being that as we age our hair lightens, and our eyes and skin-tone dulls down, so wearing black can make our wrinkles and shadows show up more. speed dating boise Not sure what your best neutrals are? 

  • Consider how you feel when wearing black near your face, do you feel dull and lifeless?
  • Do you have to wear lots of bright make-up like a red lipstick to balance the brightness of black?
  • Test out some other neutrals such as a charcoal/navy or earthy browns or olives to see if they suit you better.
  • Or better still consider a personal colour analysis so you never get it wrong again!

badoo site de rencontre au maroc What are your favorite neutrals to wear in your wardrobe?

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